Through its DeltaWing Manufacturing Division, Green4U is a full service design, engineering, fabrication and manufacturing leader in providing solutions for the manufacture and assembly of its own electrical vehicle products, but also for third-party customers in industries ranging from personal and commercial transportation to aviation, aerospace, and defense.

The DeltaWing Manufacturing Division has a wide range of engineering and manufacturing capabilities that include expertise and experience in:
  • 3D CAD software - SOLIDWORKS
  • Carbon fiber and composite structures
  • Precision machining
  • Fabrication
  • Internal combustion engines and electric powertrains
  • High-strength and lightweight aluminum and steel structural and body parts
  • Vehicle assembly
  • Chassis design and engineering

“Clearly has the expertise to solve problems and it is immediately evident that they have the experts in place within their organization to do things the right way. Our experienced technicians and designers were very impressed with the extensive knowledge, the willingness to quickly help us find a solution to a complicated problem and we look forward to using their expertise in the future to expand our business in composite repair and manufacture.”

Delta Composites and Manufacturing
Delta Air Lines, Inc.
DeltaWing’s areas of expertise in composites include tooling; ply kitting and cutting; prepreg layup for autoclave and out-of-autoclave processes; compression molding – prepregs, SMC, and BMC; trapped rubber and bladder molding; lost core molding and complex bonded assemblies.

  • 8' x 14' American Autoclave (150 max psi/450°F max temp)
  • 4' x 12' American Autoclave (150 max psi/450°F max temp)
  • 12' x 12' Grieve Walk-In Oven (450°F max temp)
  • 4' x 4' x 5' Grieve Oven (450°F max temp)
  • Gerber DCS 2500 Ply Cutter (6’ x 22’ cutting surface)
  • 24" x 24" Accudyne Heated Press (3000 max psi/500°F max temp)
  • Large 12' x 14' Walk-In Freezer
  • Temperature- and Humidity-Monitored Clean Room
DeltaWing’s machining operations include state-of-the-art CNC equipment, as well as more traditional manual lathes and mills.

  • Haas VF4SS CNC Machining Center: 50" X by 20" Y by 20" Z travel with 4th axis rotary
  • Haas VF4 CNC Machining Center: 50" X by 20" Y by 20" Z travel
  • Haas ST-20 CNC Lathe: 50" X by 20" Y travel with 8" chuck
  • Flow Bengal Waterjet: 20" X by 36" Y travel
  • Various manual lathes and mills
DeltaWing’s fabrication activities provide high-quality welded assemblies through state-of-the-art equipment, manufacturing expertise, engineering excellence, and quality control.
  • Four Welding Stations:
      MIG for steel and aluminum
      TIG for stainless, mild steel, cro-moly, and aluminum
  • Spot Welding Machine
  • 8' Hydraulic Shear
  • 40-ton Hydraulic Press
  • Fly Press (2)
  • 48" Brake
  • 36" Sheet Metal Roll
  • Bead Roller
  • Notcher
  • Turret Punch
  • Tube bender (2.5")
  • Tube Roller for “air foil” shapes
DeltaWing’s powertrain capabilities enable the Company to provide innovative engine/powertrain development and management services for use in race programs, as well as for third party automotive customers. While many of the Company’s customers provide complete and finalized project designs ready for production, Green4U is also able to provide design and engineering Services.

DeltaWing’s design and engineering team works closely with customers to overcome challenges from design and product development to manufacturing using state-of-the-art integrated 3D CAD systems. Specializing in SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD software, the team prides itself on close customer interaction to transform ideas, concepts and needs into reality. While providing CAD and engineering expertise to many industries, Green4U has a strong familiarity with personal and commercial vehicle concepts, and resulting designs from components to entire vehicles.

  • Sunnen Internal Hone (hole sizes from .5" to 2.75" with .0001" accuracy)
  • Sunnen Cylinder Hone (Automotive-specific cylinder sizing machine)
  • Serdi 5.0 Automotive Valve Seat and Guide Machining Center
  • Sunnen Balancer to balance rotating parts
  • Sunnen Centerless Valve Grinder for shaping and refinishing automotive poppet style valves
  • Sunnen Head and Block Mill: 48" x 18" capacity
  • Two Froude G490 Dynomometers: CP closed loop controls, 3500 cfm, temperature/humidity controlled combustion air unit
  • Flow Bench: 700 cfm
  • Cam Doctor with Audi Tech acquisition software for measuring and evaluating valve train
  • Hommelwerke Surface Finish Measurement (used to measure surface roughness of machined/honed part
  • FARO ARM Platinum (Mobile Coordinate Measuring Machine)
  • Mitutoyo CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machine)
  • Optical Comparator
  • MAGNAFLUX (Mag Particle)
  • Hardness Tester
  • Numerous handheld inspection and measuring tools and devices
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