The golf cart. Grown up.

100% electric
Standard 120v outlet charger
50-mile average range
Max speed: 25mph
Multiple colors and wrap options available

Just because you don’t need a full-sized vehicle doesn’t mean the full-sized features should cost extra. Surge is a climate-controlled, street-legal* neighborhood electric vehicle (NEV), making you master of the elements. Whether you are cruising the neighborhood, traversing the studio lot or crossing campus, Surge has you covered. Think of it as more car, less cart.

Green4U Surge Electric Vehicle

The Green4U Surge: Comfort + innovation for $13,950**.

See where Surge moves you

Around the neighborhood

With road-ready safety features such as three-point seat belts and turn signals, Surge can travel on roads posted 35 mph or less. Its fully-enclosed design, complete with climate control, means you’ll get to your destination in maximum comfort.

Across the campus

The fleet landscape is changing. If you need a more sustainable transportation option for your corporate or college campus, Surge’s all-electric design helps you meet compliance standards. Plus, it boasts 22 cu. ft. of cargo space with the rear seat folded down, providing ample room for hauling cargo.

Shuttling Around

Looking for cost-effective transportation around the public and private areas of your property? Whether you’re looking to save on upgraded guest shuttles or security vehicles, Surge’s battery, capable of travelling up to 50-miles on a single charge, keeps costs to approximately 1¢ per mile.

Product Features

Climate control

Power door locks and windows

Front bucket seats

Fold-down reach bench seats

Seat belts

Windshield wipers

Backup camera

Turn signals

Radio & multi-media center

Combination LED/halogen headlights and LED taillights

Aluminum wheels

Available colors: Black, Gold, Silver, Red, Yellow, White, Metallic Navy, Pearl White

Product Specifications

Max range: Up to 50 miles

Max speed: Up to 25 mph

AC input: 120v household outlet

Charging time: 4-12 hours

Seats: 4

Curb weight: 1782 lbs.

Interior volume: 108 cu. ft.

Max cargo capacity: 22 cu. ft.
(rear seat folded down)

Ground clearance: 6 in.

Electric motor: 5kW AC induction

Turning radius: 13 ft.

Battery type: Maintenance free lead-acid

Braking system: Vacuum-assisted hydraulic front disc/rear drum

Independent front suspension

Multi-link solid-axle rear suspension

Green4U Surge Electric Vehicle

*Legal for use on roads with posted limits of 35 mph or less
**Pricing for U.S. customers

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