Welcome to Green4U’s first U.S. Electric Vehicle (EV) Industry Insight. We take a look at the recent news and summarize some of the important developments and information regarding electric vehicles aiming to provide you with a helpful update.


New Technologies May Help Ease Consumer EV Range Anxiety

Many who consider purchasing and owning an electric vehicle (EV) remain concerned about the vehicle’s total range. While battery technologies and EV efficiency continues to improve, a still-growing charging infrastructure keeps interested consumers on the fence.

A Mitsubishi Turbocharger and Engine Europe (MTEE) team has developed power generators that can charge an EV’s battery while driving, and MTEE believes this may help people feel more confident about whether an EV can be an option for daily and long-distance transportation. Read more at Forbes.com.

Fast-Charge Infrastructure Milestone

Electrify America recently held a ceremony marking the installation of its first 150 and 350 kW CCS station in the U.S., located in the Chicopee Marketplace in Massachusetts. This is the first of 290 locations (50 in California and 240 in other states) that Electrify America will install and operate near main highways.

InsideEVs.com was on hand and got a chance to check out the new chargers, and shared new information about pricing: “Charging costs are $1.00 per session plus per minute pricing that varies by state. In Massachusetts at the Chicopee Marketplace location, this is $0.30 per minute. An idle fee of $0.40 per minute kicks in after a 10-minute grace period.”

Click here to see Electrify America’s proposed 150kW+ fast charging network in the United States.

EV Sales on the Upswing

Two recent articles point to the growing interest in EVs in America. First is a report by InsideEVs.com that April was yet another stellar month for the EV sales with 19,681 vehicles sold, placing the month fifth on the list of top months for U.S. EV sales.

Top Months for U.S. EV Sales to Date (estimated):

  1. March 2018 – 26,373
  2. December 2017 – 26,107
  3. December 2016 – 24,785
  4. September 2017 – 21,242
  5. April 2018 – 19,681

And USA Today reported that a “new AAA survey finds 20% of Americans say their next vehicle will be an electric car. That’s up from 15% in 2017, the first time that AAA asked the question.”