We take a look at the recent news and summarize some of the important developments and information regarding electric vehicles, aiming to provide you with a helpful update. Read here for Green4U’s Electric Vehicle (EV) Industry Insight #2.


Electric Vehicle’s Value Being Acted On By Significant Fleet Operators

The benefit of electric vehicles has been widely discussed over the past couple of years. Two major benefits are reducing the carbon footprint and reducing the operating cost of sustainable companies.

According to CleanTechnica.com “UPS, a leader in parcel delivery and sustainable operation, has placed an order for 950 additional all electric vans to supplement the 50 they already have.” Electric vehicles are being recognized by major fleet operators as a viable option to sustainability through significant orders.

The EV industry Continues to Charge Forward!


Racing Continues To Drive Development Of Electric Vehicles

Racing has been key for manufacturers proving their vehicles under extreme condition. This type of performance gives a piece of mind to the owners and pushed development of the manufacturers.

With Electric vehicles being in their infancy every advancement is significant. According to wired.com and teslarati.com, “Volkswagen has focused on the car’s aerodynamics, cooling flow, battery size, weight distribution, and power delivery to set an astonishing record at Pike’s Peak Challenge with a time of just 7 minutes, 57.148 seconds.”

Racing is helping the whole industry to Charge Forward!


Gasoline Companies See the Future Of Electric Vehicles And Turn To The Charging Business

In America, several gasoline companies have begun to venture into the charging business, but BP in the UK have made a significant investment purchasing Chargemaster who have over 6,500 charging points in the UK. According to InsideEVs.com, “the company will be rebranded to BP Chargemaster and will focus on the installations of ultra-fast chargers.”

“BP expects that the number of electric cars in the UK will increase from around 135,000 in 2017 to 12 million by 2040 and needs to take action to not be left behind with its network of 1,200 refueling stations (UK). DC fast chargers will initially supplement the gas pumps (within the next 12 months) and someday maybe even replace them.”

BP is leading the Charge Forward in charging infrastructure with others, we’re sure, soon to follow.