We take a look at the recent news and summarize some of the important developments and information regarding electric vehicles, aiming to provide you with a helpful update. Read here for Green4U’s August 2018 Electric Vehicle (EV) Industry Insight #3.


US Market Share Of EV Sales Exceeds 2% In A Month For The First Time

July 2018 has made the record books for the sale of electric vehicles. It appears the U.S. market is becoming more convinced on the benefits of going electric which include reducing both carbon footprint and operating cost.

According to InsideEVs.com, “the record share of over 2.1% was achieved thanks to record sales of 29,514 plug-in cars, which is roughly 90% more than a year ago.”

The EV industry continues to Charge Forward!


Virginia Invests In Developing Its Electric Charging Infrastructure

One of the primary issues for people considering buying electric vehicles is that there is not enough of a charging infrastructure in their area to support their vehicle use needs and being able to charge at regular intervals whilst on the road.

The good news for Virginia residents is that they should see a considerable increase in the number of charging stations in the near future. According to the Washington Post, “Virginia has picked a Los Angeles firm to build and operate a network of electric-vehicle charging stations across the commonwealth, with the state planning to use $14 million from a legal settlement with Volkswagen.”

Virginia will be working with EVgo to provide these chargers in a public-private partnership and “EVgo chief executive Cathy Zoi said the company will build “hundreds” of chargers. She declined to be more specific in terms of number or location but said the state’s most heavily trafficked areas would get priority.”

Residents will soon be able to Charge Forward in Virginia!


Harley-Davidson has shared plans to produce their first electric motorcycle, LiveWire(TM), in 2019 — the first product in an expansive, “twist & go” portfolio of electrified motorcycles through 2022.

“In moving forward, we are tapping into the spirit that drove our founders back in 1903 and every one of the employees and dealers who rose to the challenges faced along the way. Our plan will redefine existing boundaries…” said CEO Matt Levatich.

Charge Forward, be it on two wheels or four!


First Electric Garbage Trucks in the PNW

It has been announced that the city of Seattle will operate the first electric refuse trucks in the entire Pacific Northwest region beginning in the first half of 2019. Two battery-electric, zero-emissions refuse trucks will be delivered to Recology in Seattle, WA for use in residential solid waste pick up.

In an added benefit, electric vehicles are quiet and do not have the noise production that ICE vehicles might (like, say, a diesel garbage truck collecting garbage at 5am) which instantly impacts quality of life for their customers and the community, presenting a sustainable solution for everyone involved.

Waste management continues to Charge Forward, now without waking you up!


Who Doesn’t Love A Tax Credit?

There are many reasons, as discussed above to go electric, environmental, cost of charging versus gas, less maintenance and cheaper to run… but in some states, the purchase of an electric vehicle will also give you tax credits and some cities and councils also offer incentives.

Green Car Reports has put together a summary based on the current credits and incentives by state. It’s an interesting read! Find out here if you’re a lucky resident of one of the forward thinking EV-friendly states!

Charge Forward on bringing your tax bill down!